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Crime Prevention 

• Always keep doors locked
• Close all drapes and blinds at night
• Have the house number at the front and rear of the house so emergency services can quickly locate your house
• Leave lights on when not at home, or use timers
• Never open your door automatically without checking to see who is at the door
• Notify neighbors and police when leaving town, and make arrangements to have mail, deliveries and newspaper stopped or picked up
• Never leave your keys in your vehicle
• Remove items (purses, iPods, cash, coins, etc.) from the vehicle when possible. If you can’t take them out, put them in a place out of view (in the trunk, toolbox, etc.)
• Report suspicious persons seen wandering around parking lots looking into cars as they walk by. Don’t hesitate to call 911 to report suspicious activity, you can even call and remain anonymous
• Keep serial numbers, model numbers, color, make, and other identifying marks of any valuable items
• At night park in a well-lit and well-traveled area. Do not park in an isolated area
• If possible wait and walk with other people to your destination
• If you are approached by a suspicious person in the parking lot, go back inside quickly as possible and call the police
• If you are approached and grabbed throw your keys as far as possible and began screaming
• Do not have your purse by your side; carry it close to your body , preferably in front. If someone grabs your purse, let it go, rather than try to hold on to it
• If you are approached, get description of the person(s), their appearance, clothing, vehicle, registration; look at them in the face, this acts to deter any activity, since it aids identification
• Be very careful on who you give your credit card information to
• Shred anything with your credit card number on it
• Do not keep large amounts of cash inside your house
• Do not be ashamed to report any incident to the police when you have been victimized, it could save other innocent persons from also being victimized
Crime Prevention Services
The Dumas Police Department offers the following training and services to Dumas Residents and Businesses free of charge.
* Home Security Survey.
*Commercial Security Survey.
*Shoplifting Prevention Training for business employee's.
*Gang Awareness and prevention.
*Child Safety Seat Program.
*Cybercrimes Awaress.
If you are interested in one of the programs above give me a call and we will schedule it.
If you have a program in mind not listed above we would like to help you out. Give me a call and let me know what kind of program you would like to have presented and I will do my best to facilitate your request.
Sgt. James N. (Nick) Jordan